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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CWS Final Exam

Today was the big day. The cumulation of weeks of study, work and practice. I was nervous for the final. It was in front of the best model in SL, Ms. Anrol Anthony. I knew from the styling contests and fashion shows that she has a remarkable eye for details and nuances. The exam consumed my thoughts today. Even at work I was doodling out the formations on scrap pieces of paper (dot 1, 10 seconds .. dot 4 15 seconds .. 2 hands on hips etc.)

I logged in to try out some pose sequences. Then a little earlier than the ordained exam time, Anrol contacts me and asks if I was ready for the exam. Yes, big gulp time.

The exam was tough. I missed the stick on a couple of the standard formation dots. I doubled back to switch walking stances for the 123 formation. I double clicked on one of the mandatory beach poses (double clicking means the avatar jerks as it starts into a pose, then resets back to the beginning on the 2nd click). But the exam otherwise went okay.

I was soo happy when Anrol gave me my new title as an official model. I passed!!! yaay!

The expectations of a representative and graduate of CWS is quite high though. Anrol and the entire CWS family expect nothing but the best (Simply the Best). I need to be very active in the activities,and be ready to respond to fashion show calls. Still I am loving the moment and I will strive to be the very best model for CWS.

Bad news for anyone reading my posts though. I will keep posting the days of my SL.

Graduation is on the 30th. I will post information as the date nears.

That's it for now. I'm on cloud nine for tonight. Thank you Anrol, Steve and all the amazing teachers for their instruction and patience.

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Bye for now. XOXO