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Saturday, December 18, 2010

CWS Exam Tomorrow

'twas the night before exams and all through the house, Tiffani Celestalis was cramming trying many a blouse, to get her ARC below the set max, lest she go over and fail and be given the axe.

Still her worry was mostly in formations, messing up despite knowing them causes many frustrations, and despite reassurances from her teacher DebbieDoo, Tiffani knows the exam will be tough to get through.

Ok, well I'm no poet.  But I missed the 123 review when I logged in and that's that one formation that I missed the class for.  Happily DebbieDoo stayed up late, risking making her hubby grumpy, to help me.  I hope not to let her down.

We also had another awesome show at CWS, where all our models and teachers (who of course are super models) put on a show, showing off one of my favorite designers Sage Pexie (SAGE brand .. find it here at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/43103).  I have in my humble inventory several of her outfits already so I was doubly thrilled when I was chosen as one of three persons (Gia was another -- yay Gia!!) to do a video marketing Sage's line.  If you haven't been to SAGE's store, it's a wonderful outlet and her clothes are gorgeous and so unique.

I was given a stunning gown in blue.  My favorite colour of clothing.  I hope I wore it well, though I do wish I could have changed to a more formal hair but I did not want to alter much since I was chosen "as is".  I think you will be able to watch me at the classic with style youtube page (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISOv_CwYxz4) or at their blog site (http://classicwstyle.blogspot.com/).

Here's a couple of snapshots I took of the show.  Unfortunately I have a significant chance of crashing when I take snapshots in high traffic areas, so two is all I could do:

The first picture is a bit of a cheat sheet for my exam, so I know where to stand in the finale poses.

Well tomorrow is the big day.  A little sad too since it means my student life (for this semester at least) is coming to an end.  Hopefully I won't have to repeat though the teachers are so awesome that at least I will enjoy their company and can torment them for a few more weeks.

Ok it's a Saturday night.  I am going to go out and have a bit of fun in 1st Life now.  Maybe I will update when I get back.  Beautiful song for you to listen to until next time:

Bye for now.  Wish me luck tomorrow. xoxo