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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CWS Day before Graduation

It's been a while since I've posted. This time of year is ALWAYS crazy busy for me between friends, family and other distractions. It's been a nice season. A short holiday but saccharine so far.

Today I spent more time on SL. Shopping and contributing to the economy of SL through many purchases. I spent some time with a new friend for a couple of days now shopping. She helped me remember how to work on a limited budget. That and a new avatar that I have made up, for which I am proud to say, I have spent absolutely no money on so far.

It's quite amazing to apply those skills that I've built up over my 4 months on Second Life. Where to go for gifts like skins and clothes (many many retailers still have their Christmas limited time gifts out there for consumption and for free). I can make a reasonable shape from scratch applying some rules of thumb taught to me by CWS, and by my own tweaking of my custom avatar. There are still many retailers with gifts for avatars under 30 days old that I can take advantage of too. SL can really provide everything you need, and look good too, without having to spend a penny.

That said, modeling is a whole different game and a penniless avatar will have difficulty. But I could do it I think to some degree, just by using the free products in the market like Zhao HUDs, fee avatars with customized AOs, group gifts, prize chairs etc.

Doing that I got a few Rockberry and Pulse skins for my newbie, some AMD clothing, hair from LAQ and some other retailers out there.

Tonight I had some time to try a styling contest. I honestly am impartial to these contests but they are good practice and Anrol herself indicated that we must attend these contests. Tonight was cheerleaders theme and you can see the winners at the main CWS site. Again I didn't place, but I had a great time. My classmates all placed though, we are such an awesome set of graduates (read more at http://classicwstyle.blogspot.com/)

Winner: Sidney Abbot
2nd:☆  Artemis Cheviot
3rd: ☆  Kristina Lexenstar

In the preparation of the cheerleader stuff though I did learn about the Bimbo Cheerleader group which looks really fun despite the awful name.  http://www.myspace.com/the_bimbo_cheerleaders

Tomorrow is graduation day. This was my goal.  To go beyond this will be just flavour to a wonderful experience at CWS.  It will be a happy day I think.  I don't think there will be much sadness at all since most of the graduates of the December class will be around the modeling industry for a while.  And of course, I will still bug the teachers/CWS management, just because I'm evil like that.

Ta ta for now.  xoxo

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