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Monday, December 20, 2010

CWS Day before Finals

Hello. It's a late post today.

Well I passed the midterm exams and have a chance to become a CWS graduate tomorrow. The final exam will be in front of *gulp* Anrol herself who will administer the examination.

So while I am ecstatic to have passed, I am dreading the final exam.

There are some more ARC restricted outfits I have to put together for the finals. After I decided on what to wear tomorrow, I did a bit of shopping. I got some outfits from SAGE, and Apple May Care. The bad thing today is the incredible amount of lag.

I had two failed deliveries but there is a new web based system where you can go through your history of purchases and have them resent. They didn't work at first, but there is a trick where you have to open the web page for this system in your normal, non-SL browser for it to work.

In the end I got all my purchases. Tonight's music I actually added last night to the playlist:

Ok big SL day tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Good night everyone. xoxo