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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CWS Break Day

Today was a break day, no classes.  Of course I bugged poor DebbieDoo for help since I missed the 123 formation class and chased the poor teacher off to bed.

At the university, watched some of the graduates practice advanced formations.  Most of them were at the Styling contest yesterday.  Then I went to practice my lessons doing what I guessed 123 was and some of the older ones.

I noticed I have a problem with finding dots under gowns.  The trains cover up the floor making it difficult to find where the avatar is.  Short skirts or pants are much easier since I can see my feet!

Otherwise a pretty uneventful night.  I'm a little tired, and don't feel like shopping for poses and outfits.  Instead I'll finish off my SL evening listening to Alessandro Safina sing Luna.  He's quite good.  Don't you agree?