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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CWS Beach under 750 ARC

Tonight's class was a practical one, practicing one of our formations at CWS. Unfortunately there was a rule where you had to be under 750 ARC but still dress elegantly. Once again, logging in with only a few minutes before class I couldn't manage to dress elegantly while keeping under 750 ARC. The problem was in the prim skirts. Without the skirts it was easy to go under 750, but once you put on any skirt it jumps over 750. The guys had no problem, but myself and several other girls had to go skirt-less. Gia had a rocking gown and remained under 750. She looked great.

I was struggling with my effort when the call came out to do the formation. Simulating a fashion show, much like the one that I saw with the teachers a few days past, we student models had to follow marching orders promptly and efficiently. I flubbed up the first few times but I got into the groove later on. The biggest drawback was the lag which messed up my walking and stopping. I might need to use more than my netbook soon.

Bye for now everyone xoxo