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Thursday, December 16, 2010

CWS 123 Huh?

Tonight's class was preparation for midterms. We reviewed the 123/straight formations -- you know the formations that were taught on the day that I missed the class. I was ok up until the point the teacher said "Tiff you drive" (yes I am using quotations because our teacher likes them and is super smart enough to psycho analyze my motives). I never drove before, I didn't even know what the drive was. Well it turns out that it's just another term for inviting people to your pose, like the dance HUDs that I use. Easy peasy.

I think I did ok. I got to leave on time anyways. We have a big test tomorrow for a styling event where we have to be chubby. Fun.

Oh yes, and my Internet connection is officially slow. I hope it is fixed by tomorrow or I will flunk my test.

Okay blog, a bit or preparation work then some sleep. Good night everyone.

Oh. Here's a photo of a famous model, you probably know her and can reason why I put her up on this page.

Bye for now.  xoxo